Voyages in English 2018 Gr. 5 Student Edition

Presentation Personal Narratives Personal Narratives  •  251 Content Editing Revising Copyediting Proofreading Publishing Prewriting Drafting Whenever you publish your work, your goal is to share your thoughts and experiences. Consider having an adult help you use technology, or maybe you could collaborate with a classmate. Whatever you do, make sure you find a special way to share your personal narrative so that others can enjoy it. Create a classroom book. Your classmates may have photographs, illustrations, or other souvenirs of their experience. Donate it to the school library for a limited time. Record your personal narrative as a podcast. Upload your podcast to the class blog for your classmates. Have your class book on hand for Parents’ Night. You might wish to video record the event to share later. Create a slide show presentation of your narrative. You can use photos to illustrate your story. Your Turn • Make a final copy of your personal narrative. Add the changes from proofreading that you decided to use. • Be careful making this final copy. Use your best handwriting or type it using a word processor. Be sure that your finished piece is as clean and polished as possible. the beat. I was so embarrassed I didn’t know what to do. Then Bricks started rapping over my beat. We were making up a new part for “My Street” together. The crowd went wild. Bricks and I finally made eye contact and stopped at the same time. The crowd cheered and screamed for more! After the show Bricks told me how well she thought I had done. She said that she might even keep the new line we made together in her song. I felt famous. I couldn’t believe what an amazing night I had had with my favorite hip-hop star. As I left the Civic Center, Bricks yelled out,“You sure know how to follow advice, Elsa. You didn’t lose the beat!”