Voyages in English 2018 Gr. 4 Teacher Edition

TEACHER’S SCORING RUBRIC Voyages in English Grade 4   •  Personal Narratives  •  247z ©  1 Name Date                Score POINT VALUES 0 = not evident 1 = minimal evidence of mastery 2 = evidence of development toward mastery 3 = strong evidence of mastery 4 = outstanding evidence of mastery Ideas POINTS topic relates to a real event in student’s life ideas shared in chronological order Organization a time line for planning an introduction that engages the readers’ attention a detailed body with details in chronological order a conclusion that tells what the writer learned or felt Voice a first-person point of view Word Choice exact words no unnecessary details Sentence Fluency contractions with pronouns Conventions correct grammar and usage correct spelling correct punctuation and capitalization Presentation easy to read, typed or neatly handwritten a title page Additional Items Total Personal Narrative