Voyages in English 2018 Gr. 3 Student Edition

Personal Narratives  •  247 Content Editing Revising Copyediting Proofreading Publishing Prewriting Drafting Eventually, a professional writer submits his or her personal narrative to a magazine or book publisher. Whenever you publish your work, your goal is to share your thoughts and experiences with other people. There are many ways you can publish your personal narrative. Create a classroom book. Include classmates’ photos, drawings, or other souvenirs of their experience. Have your class book on hand for Parents’ Night. You might wish to present it as a slideshow or a video. Make a classroom newsletter. Use a digital camera to add photos of your classmates. Post it to a website that publishes student writing. Work with an adult to find an appropriate site. Draw one part of your story on a separate sheet of paper. Then play a guessing game. Put all the narratives on one bulletin board and all the pictures on another board. Have everyone read the narratives and try to match each picture to its story. Your Turn • Make a final copy of your personal narrative. You can use a pencil and paper or a computer. Include the proofreading corrections. • Take plenty of time finishing your work. You are going to share it with your audience. Be careful not to make any new mistakes while writing or typing. Personal Narratives