Voyages in English 2018 Gr. 5 Practice Bk

© Loyola Press. Voyages in English Grade 5 Section 1 • 3 Name Week of 1.5 Joann sent me a postcard. 1. Is the verb regular or irregular? 2. What is the direct object? 3. Is me a noun or a pronoun? 4. Diagram the sentence here. 1.6 They are famous athletes. 1. Which word is a subject pronoun? 2. Which word is a verb? 3. Is the verb an action verb or a linking verb? 4. Diagram the sentence here. 1.7 He gave her a beautiful bracelet. 1. Is the verb present tense or past tense? 2. Which word is an object pronoun? 3. Which word is an adjective? 4. Diagram the sentence here. 1.8 Jenny tells us scary stories. 1. Is the pronoun singular or plural? 2. Is the plural noun regular or irregular? 3. What part of speech is scary? 4. Diagram the sentence here. 1.5 1.6 1.7 1.8