Voyages in English 2018 Gr. 5 Practice Bk

© Loyola Press. Voyages in English Grade 5 Tips for Daily Maintenance • 1 Tips for Daily Maintenance Dear Student: The Daily Maintenance is a daily exercise that allows you to practice grammar skills you have already learned. Recall these tips as you complete each Daily Maintenance set: • First, read the sentence and all the questions in the set. • Think carefully about what will answer each question: Will the answer be the name of a part of speech? Will you need to identify a particular word from the sentence? • Identify the parts of speech used in the sentence. • Recall what you have previously learned about grammar. • Write answers first for any questions you find easy. • Once you have answered all the items you can, diagram the sentence. Diagramming helps you see how the parts of a sentence work together. A diagram might help you figure out the answers you don’t know. • Remember to work neatly as you write your answers and draw the diagram. • If you are still unsure of an answer, use what you know to write the best answer you can. • Read over your answers carefully. • Check that you have written an answer for each question. • Check that you have spelled words correctly. • When your teacher reviews the answers, listen attentively and ask questions if something is unclear. Be sure to pay close attention to the questions that you had trouble answering. What you find out today may appear on the next day’s Daily Maintenance set. The Daily Maintenance allows you to check your progress in the grammar skills you are studying this year. It can help you figure out where you need to focus your energy. By using these tips and monitoring your own progress, you can master grammar skills for your grade. With practice, grammar skills will become second nature, and your writing will be stronger.