Voyages in English 2018 Gr. 5 Practice Bk

© Loyola Press. Voyages in English Grade 5 Name Date L E S S O N 136 • Chapter 1 For additional help, review pages 232–235 in your textbook or visit Exact nouns, adjectives, and verbs give readers the clearest picture with the fewest words. Often one well-chosen word can do the job of many overused words. Circle the word that is a more exact choice to complete each sentence. 1. “Shh! The baby is finally sleeping,” Mom (said whispered). 2. A (massive big) bear wandered into our camp last night. 3. Watching the sun set is a (satisfying good) way to end the day. 4. The wind made the crisp, orange leaves (flutter move) on the branches. 5. A small (animal gecko) clinging to the wall startled me. 6. The sergeant (shouted barked) orders at the bewildered cadets. 7. A herd of horses (trotted ran) behind the fence alongside the road. 8. Such a low math score left Alicia (sad disappointed). 9. Kim (stumbled walked) toward us over the rocky ground. 10. The (conductor man) in the train’s engine waved to the onlookers. Write a more exact word that can replace the italicized word or words in each sentence. 11. Marla surprises people with her good attitude. 12. The article of clothing in the closet was wet and dirty. 13. A bird picked its way through the swampy water. 14. Sarah moved across the room in time to the music. 15. The reeds made a soft noise as the breeze blew by. 16. A lone black cat went up to the top of the wall. 17. Martin arranged his new things on his bedroom shelf. 18. The child came quietly into the room. 19. After the roller coaster ride, Josh felt bad. 20. She laughed at the silly joke. Use exact words to write a sentence about something you did yesterday. 21. 5 Exact Words