Voyages in English 2018 Gr. 5 Practice Bk

© Loyola Press. Voyages in English Grade 5 16 • Section 1 Name Date For additional help, review pages 20–21 in your textbook or visit A noun is a naming word. A verb expresses action or being. Many words can be used as either nouns or verbs, depending on their roles in a sentence. Write whether the italicized word in each sentence is a noun or a verb. 1. After being gone so long, I miss my comfortable bed. 2. We rehearsed the play every day before opening night. 3. My partner tripped during our dance at the recital. 4. Hector and Ann will plant the flowers for the community center. 5. My second attempt at the answer was correct. Use each word in the box to complete two of the sentences. For each sentence write noun or verb to identify how the word is used. fly match store 6. Be careful that the kite does not into the trees. 7. Mom will need a to light those candles. 8. We can these canned peaches in the pantry. 9. Dad told me to each sock to its mate. 10. Please buy some bananas and bread at the . 11. That is bothering me. Write whether each italicized word is a noun or a verb. Then write a sentence for each word. If the word in italics is used as a noun, use it as a verb. If the word is used as a verb, use it as a noun. 12. Did you enjoy the school talent show last night? 13. Ryan, can you file these folders for me in alphabetical order? 14. The manager will offer Yasmin the opportunity to earn some money. 15. I practice my flute for an hour every evening. 1.10 Words Used as Nouns or as Verbs