Voyages in English 2018 Gr. 5 Practice Bk

© Loyola Press. Voyages in English Grade 5 Section 1 • 15 Name Date For additional help, review pages 18–19 in your textbook or visit A noun in direct address names the person spoken to. A noun in direct address is set off from the rest of the sentence by a comma or commas. Underline the noun in direct address in each sentence. 1. Will you help me with my project, Mom? 2. Kevin, what were you assigned for your project? 3. My mom was going to help me, Cindy, but she can’t. 4. Can we have partners for our science project, Mr. Jeffries? 5. Jeremy, Kevin has some ideas for your project. Circle the noun in direct address in each sentence. Then rewrite the sentence, correctly setting off the noun with a comma or commas. 6. June have you ever seen the Statue of Liberty? 7. Rachel is your sister studying to be a doctor? 8. Write the questions in blue ink and the answers in red class. 9. I don’t know Ms. Sanger whether or not I can go on the field trip. 10. Shaun did you know that Ben Franklin wanted the turkey to be our national bird? Circle whether the underlined noun in each sentence is a subject (S), a direct object (DO), an object of a preposition (OP), or a noun in direct address (DA). 11. Did you make potato salad for the potluck dinner, Mom? S DO OP DA 12. Thomas Edison invented many things. S DO OP DA 13. Leaders of several industrialized nations met in Austria. S DO OP DA 14. The president’s speech used words that motivated the country. S DO OP DA 15. London was the site of the 2012 Olympics. S DO OP DA 16. I don’t know, Sandra, if I can go to your party on Friday. S DO OP DA 1.9 Nouns in Direct Address