Voyages in English 2018 Gr. 5 Practice Bk

© Loyola Press. Voyages in English Grade 5 Section 1 • 11 Name Date For additional help, review pages 14–15 in your textbook or visit A noun can be used as a direct object of a verb. The direct object answers the question whom or what after an action verb. A noun can also be the object of a preposition. Prepositions show place, time, direction, and relationship. Underline the direct object in each sentence. 1. Carlos Santana plays guitar. 2. The audience appreciates music. 3. Oscar always carries a calculator. 4. Jennifer plays violin. 5. Those children have entered many musical competitions. Circle the preposition in each sentence. Then underline the object of the preposition. 6. A kazoo is played with the lips. 7. The hurdy-gurdy is a funny name for a musical instrument. 8. A drummer can make a crisp sound on a goblet drum. 9. The audience listens attentively to each melody. 10. A stringed instrument with a round back is a lute. Complete each sentence with an object. Circle the number of each sentence to which you added an object of a preposition. 11. I enjoy . 12. I jumped on the . 13. I wait by the . 14. I watch . 15. I play after . 16. I read . 17. I have . 18. I eat before . 19. I draw . 20. I rest under a . Complete each sentence by writing a direct object and an object of a preposition. 21. Many people enjoy . 22. My sister and I purchased . 23. The neighbor next door took . 24. I cleaned . 1.7 Nouns as Objects