Voyages in English 2018 Gr. 5 Practice Bk

© Loyola Press. Voyages in English Grade 5 Section 1 • 9 Name Date For additional help, review pages 10–11 in your textbook or visit A collective noun names a group of people, animals, places, or things that are considered a unit. A collective noun usually acts as a singular noun. Write a collective noun for each word. 1. players 2. relatives 3. elk 4. people 5. turkeys 6. soldiers 7. musicians 8. actors 9. workers 10. teachers Underline the collective noun or nouns in each sentence. 11. A flock of geese flies over the lake. 12. The speaker faced the audience and began her presentation. 13. A swarm of bees buzzed around the group of picnickers. 14. A soccer team in England is known as a football club. 15. The chorus walked onstage, and the quartet began to play. 16. Our school play had quite a cast of characters. 17. The school faculty agreed to meet with the student council. 18. It is the jury who will decide whether the crew is guilty. 19. Whenever the band begins to play, a crowd gathers to watch. Underline the collective noun in each sentence. Then circle the verb that correctly completes the sentence. 20. Our school basketball team (practice practices) in a gymnasium. 21. Mr. Wilkins’s science class (go goes) on a field trip each year. 22. A bunch of purple grapes (sit sits) in the yellow bowl. 23. The flock of sheep restlessly (waits wait) for its meal. 24. That company of soldiers (receive receives) new orders tonight. 25. A crew of workers (wait waits) for supplies to arrive. 26. The Thomas family (takes takes) a vacation every August. 27. This rowdy audience (applaud applauds) enthusiastically after every solo. 1.5 Collective Nouns