Voyages in English 2018 Gr. 3 Practice Bk

© Loyola Press. Voyages in English    Grade 3 Name  Date  136   •   Chapter 1 L E S S O N For additional help, review pages 228–231 in your textbook or visit A dictionary is a book of words and their meanings. In a dictionary you can find how a word is spelled, the way a word is pronounced, and what a word means. Use the dictionary entry to answer the questions. plate (plaˉt) 1. A flat dish used for food [I put the toast on a plate.] 2. Home base in baseball [The batter stepped up to the plate.] 1. What is the entry word? 2. Does the information inside the parentheses tell you how to pronounce or how to spell the word? 3. How many definitions does plate have? 4. Which meaning of plate is used in this sentence? I washed my dirty plate in the sink. 5. Which meaning of plate is used in this sentence? The umpire stands behind home plate. Rewrite each list of words in alphabetical order. 6. feisty wise brief praise 7. timber thief tornado theater Write whether each word comes before, after, or between each pair of guide words. WORD GUIDE WORDS 8. gown goodwill—grade 9. depart deport—deposit 10. miracle mild—mime 11. draw drama—dress 5 Dictionary