Voyages in English 2018 Writing Cards Teacher

LESSON Name Synonyms Write each word in the correct sock to make a matching pair. cry fast cut kind quick sob slice nice fast GradeK • Lesson 1.29 © Loyola Press. Voyages in EnglishGradeK 1.29 big glad huge happy COMMON CORE STANDARDS CCSS.ELA.L.K.4 CCSS.ELA.SL.K.4 Practice In advance, write synonym pairs ( glad/happy, big/huge, mad/angry, and so on) on large strips of paper, using a different-colored marker for each pair. Cut the synonym pairs in half, mix up the strips, and give each half to a different student. Invite students to find the other student with the synonym for their word. Once they have found each other, have the student pairs tape the strips together. Next, distribute copies of the Synonyms blackline master, page 130. Read aloud the directions. Explain to students that they should decide which word from the box would make a good match for each word written on a sock. Allow time for students to trace the first word and to write the other words to complete the pairs. Have them share their work. Apply On the board, write the following question-and-answer sets that contain synonyms. Ask volunteers to come up to the board and circle the synonyms. What will you pick for a snack? I will choose an apple. Do the twins look alike? Yes, they do look the same. Why did you have to rush? We had to hurry and catch the bus. Assess Choose an assessment option from pages 148–154. Place students’ work samples in their portfolios. DAY 3 DAY 4 DAY 5   •  Synonyms  •  59 LESSON 1.29