Voyages in English 2018 Writing Cards Teacher

We use a question word to ask a question. Here are some question words. Question Words Who ? What ? When ? 12 Why ? Where ? How ? 13 Whenever students engage in writing, have them point out question words. Help each student recognize asking sentences and question marks. Warm-Up Ask students to listen carefully as you read aloud a brief story. Then write the following words on the board: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. Remind students that an asking sentence is called a question. SAY: Let’s think about the story we just read. ASK: What kinds of questions could we ask about it? Invite students to call out questions that begin with the words on the board—for example, Who wrote the story? What is it about? Why did [character] do [action]? How did the story end? SAY: Some words help us ask questions. They are called question words. Keep the question words on the board for Days 2 and 3. DAY 1 Teach Turn to pages 12–13 in the Voyages in English Grammar Big Book, Volume 1. SAY: Let’s learn more about question words. Read aloud the title and the explanation. Then read aloud the six question words, pointing out that all of them except for one begin with the letter w. Encourage volunteers to explain what is shown in each image and how it connects to one or more question words. Then invite students to make up a question about each image that begins with a question word. SHARED WRITING  Have students make Question Word Bracelets to remind them about words they can use when writing asking sentences. Call attention to the question words on the board. Pass out a strip of paper to each student. Share the marker with each student and together write the question words on the strip. After writing, encourage students to color their bracelets, and then help them tape the ends together. DAY 2 OBJECTIVES • To recognize question words • To use question words appropriately MATERIALS • Day 1: story to share with the class • Day 2: Voyages in English Grammar Big Book, Volume 1 (pages 12–13), 2–3-inch wide strips of paper, crayons, markers, tape • Day 3: Question Words blackline master (page 107), safety scissors, crayons or markers • Day 4: painter’s tape or butcher paper, marker, one die • Day 5: Assessment options (pages 148–154) 12  •  Part 1 Question Words